Boost Privacy Program Visibility with Transcend's Innovative Solutions

November 2, 20223 min read

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Privacy and security leaders frequently tell us that it’s an uphill battle to get the visibility they need to run their privacy programs effectively. They’re also often asked to share insights and program progress to the highest levels of their organizations. In fact, according to CISCO’s 2022 Data Privacy Benchmark report, 94% of organizations are reporting one or more privacy metrics to the Board of Directors. 

For many organizations gaining visibility currently requires manually consolidating activity metrics from internal ticketing systems, weekly Excel reports, and other compliance tooling. Leaders are more often than not left struggling to cross reference different data sets—trying to find a unifying narrative.

To help solve this problem we’re excited to share a new update coming to our Privacy Requests and Data Mapping products to give our customers enhanced visibility and simple ways to measure and share privacy metrics, risks, ROI, and overall program impact.

Our new product dashboards are designed to give leaders the glanceable insights they need to be confident their privacy program is running smoothly. Because Transcend integrates and operates across an organization’s entire data ecosystem, leaders can get visibility across the full stack without having to manually compile reports. 

These new views help you: 

  • Keep track of data discovery progress and where personal data has been found across teams, systems, and geographic regions
  • Find potential program gaps where discovered data systems are not integrated with Privacy Requests and Consent workflows
  • Understand privacy request trends with all-new visualizations including request volume, status, and fulfillment times
  • Quantify the time and cost savings from privacy automation with a built-in calculator that adjusts based on request volume

These revamped dashboards will be available to current Transcend customers mid-November. We’re excited to see how our customers take advantage of these new insights to even more fully analyze, visualize and track their privacy program impact and feel confident in their organizations’ compliance. 

Learn more about Transcend Data Mapping and Transcend Privacy Requests.

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