Integrations spotlight: Data privacy and customer engagement, scheduling, and financial reporting

For large consumer companies, the number of places where personal user data is stored is only increasing. This means these companies are open to exposure with every single data privacy request where the complete package of a subject’s data is not deleted or returned, from all the places where it may lie.

And this exposure will only get worse with increasing regulations, both state-by-state in the United States, nationally, and globally.

At Transcend, we know that smart players are moving away from minimal compliance-oriented data privacy business postures to sophisticated privacy engineering implementations that are insanely user-friendly, scalable, and infinitely adjustable to regulatory permutations and edge cases.

This shift is born from necessity. Large companies that get thousands (or even millions) of data privacy requests per year are burning too many resources, hours, and engineering power to keep up.

It’s why we’ve built secure engineering infrastructure to empower companies like Indiegogo, Patreon, and Masterclass with lean and powerful software and APIs to handle data privacy requests with end-to-end automation. Transcend is a fit for companies focused on a one-two punch of frictionless and comprehensive privacy.

But true automation is only possible with powerful, fully-functional, API-based integrations to the vendors and platforms where personal data is stored. These integrations are key to scaling consumer-centric and truly automated privacy request infrastructure, while eliminating the ever-increasing internal burden of handling privacy requests, staying in compliance, and maintaining manual workflows.

For that reason, building and launching these participating partner integrations is a top priority for Transcend and our engineering team. It’s also key to our overall approach to building privacy solutions—if you can’t engineer it, you can’t scale it!

In that spirit, we’ve been busy since our last update, continuing to add new connections to some of the most popular web platforms. Read on for some of the latest we’ve added.

And a reminder, you can always see the platforms Transcend integrates with, and what’s on our roadmap, in our Integrations Catalog.

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is the second of our Salesforce integrations, with more ahead in the coming months. Their platform takes the pain out of managing marketing communications, content, tracking, and more.

With our Pardot integration, Transcend can access and erase information about marketing list membership and prospect data, as well as opt users out of communication.


ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform, including marketing automation tooling and a CRM platform.

With our ActiveCampaign integration, Transcend can access and erase contact information in ActiveCampaign, making it easy for companies to be privacy-respecting with their customer data while improving relationships.


If you’re in sales or customer success, you know how valuable the perfect gift can be to your current or future customers at the right moment in your conversations. Sendoso is one of the leading platforms to make that process effortless.

With our Sendoso integration, Transcend can access customer information related to gifts sent with Sendoso.


One of the reasons SaaS platforms have caused so much disruption in recent years is the user-friendly approach they’ve brought to complex but critical business functions. That’s the exact approach that ProfitWell has taken to subscription financial and revenue reporting for companies large and small.

Transcend can access and erase user subscriptions, as well as opt users out of processing, with our ProfitWell integration.


In a world where scheduling back and forth can add days of delays to meetings, Calendly has sought to make the process simple, with a self-serve scheduling approach.

With this integration, Transcend can access events that a user has been invited to and information related to user participation in events.

See the platforms Transcend integrates with, and what’s on our roadmap, in our Integrations Catalog.

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