State of Consent Report: A Deep Dive into Consent Management Trends

Today we’re excited to share our State of Consent Report, where we partnered with Pulse to survey 100 global technical leaders on their challenges and approaches to managing tracking and user consent on their company’s website.

Why consent banners exist across the internet

Modern privacy laws, like GDPR and CCPA, require websites to collect consent or inform users before they can begin tracking personal user data on their site. Many organizations address this with a cookie consent banner that pops up right when a user lands on their site. Yet anecdotally we’ve heard that few companies actually found this approach ideal – for their business needs or for their user’s experience.

We were interested in better understanding the obstacles technical leaders face in balancing customer trust (and legal compliance) with optimizing their customer’s online experience. Respondents acknowledged that consent banners often negatively impact their site’s UX and, if there were no legal or negative brand implications to face, leaders would remove them from their websites.

Low visibility and compliance in how companies track their users

Initially, we sandboxed every script in its own locked-down iframe with a copy of the current document. We then re-dispatched parent document events into these iframes and attached mutation observers onto the iframe’s document context to capture any request-causing DOM nodes. We forwarded mutation data up to the parent document, which could then allow or deny specific mutations based on tracking consent criteria.

Tell us what you think!

We’d love to hear your feedback as you read the report – are these findings in line with your own experience? Is your org facing similar challenges in managing cookie consent? Tweet us at

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