Replay: Privacy_Infra() September Event - Discussions on Privacy Challenges

At our second privacy_infra() virtual event on September 24th for engineers working on privacy projects, we heard how Uber built an end-to-end consent platform, how the Freedom of the Press Foundation developed a new SecureDrop Workstation based on Qubes, and heard reflections on implementing privacy-enhancing design from ClearOPS co-founder George Rosamond.

Watch the full event below. Pro tip: You can use the chapter markers to navigate to specific speakers.


  • Roche Janken, Privacy Engineer, Uber

  • Kevin O’Gorman, Engineer, Freedom of the Press Foundation

  • Ben Brook, Co-founder and CEO, Transcend

  • George Rosamond, Co-founder and CTO, ClearOPS

If you’d like to register for our next event on Thursday November 12, you can do so here, or find out more about privacy_infra().

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