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privacy_infra() is a meetup held every two months, with tech talks showcasing new thinking in data privacy engineering from leading companies.

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A photo of the New York Times office with a taxi passing in front.

How The New York Times built a technical privacy system

Learn how the publisher built a technical system to honor user’s privacy rights.

How LinkedIn developed a differentially private data analytics API

Staff Software Engineer Ryan Rogers discusses how they built an audience engagement API that leverages differential privacy to protect user information.

Watch back: April 2021 event

With privacy tech talks from The New York Times and Vax.Codes

Powering the world's private communications

Signal’s VP of Engineering Jim O’Leary explains how the non-profit built E2EE, and scaled for massive user growth.

How Zoom is building E2EE

Zoom engineer Merry Ember Mou on the technical challenges of building end-to-end encryption into the company’s meeting platform.

Watch back: February 18, 2021

With privacy tech talks from Signal, Zoom, and UC Berkeley.

Engineering with a Lean Data Diet in mind

Wikimedia Volunteer Engineer Nuria Ruiz outlines the data privacy implications of engineering with a lean data mindset.

A graphic image with the word November in type.

Watch back: privacy_infra() November

Watch a recording of our September event, with LinkedIn and Wikipedia.

An image of pipelines at a power plant.

Privacy enhancing design, beyond the obvious

Watch back George Rosamond's presentation from our September 2020 event.

A graphic image of the word September in type.

Watch back: privacy_infra() September

Watch a recording of our September event, with Uber, Freedom of the Press, and ClearOPS.

Contact Tracing App

Privacy practices of COVID-19 tracing apps

Watch back Megan DeBlois' presentation at our first privacy_infra() event.


Watch back: privacy_infra() July

Watch a recording of our first privacy_infra() virtual event on July 30, 2020.

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