Field Trips Episode 1, with Dan Nechita

In the first episode of Transcend Field Trips, Ron De Jesus speaks with Dan Nechita, Head of Cabinet for Dragos Tudorache—a key member of parliament here in the EU who was co-rapporteur of the AI Act.

Watch the full interview below.

Get a ringside seat to the development of the EU AI Act.

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Hosted by Ron De Jesus, Transcend Field Trips aims to engage deeply with fellow CPOs and privacy leaders, understand their evolving needs amidst rapid industry changes, and foster meaningful dialogue on pressing privacy issues.

In Episode 1, Ron spoke with Dan Nechita, Head of Cabinet to MEP Dragos Tudorache, co-rapporteur of the AI Act. Dan shared his experience working in European Parliament, the unique challenges faced during the negotiations of this watershed act, and his advice for privacy pros as they're tasked with navigating AI governance for their companies.

Note: You can also watch Field Trips Episode 1 directly on YouTube.