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When handling privacy requests mandated by laws such as Europe’s GDPR, and California’s CCPA, many companies still rely on manual workflows and steps to erase or return a user’s data.

This first-of-its-kind ROI calculator tabulates the costs of your organization’s privacy program.

Use the simplified calculator below, or scroll down to download the full PDF guide and advanced Google Sheet template.

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Part 1

Getting started

Calculate the overall cost in dollars and hours of a semi-automated privacy request workflow. This calculator assumes a typical mix of internal and external data systems queried for a subject's data.

For more granular calculations and customization, and to understand the assumptions behind this calculator, download the advanced Google Sheet template and free PDF guide below.

Note: The data you enter in this calculator is not stored or processed by Transcend.

Part 2

Key Calculator Inputs

Start here by inputting the basics of your privacy program, including the number of privacy requests you receive in an average month and the number of external SaaS systems your company stores user data in (think of platforms like Marketo).

Part 3

Part 2: Stakeholder Salaries

In this section, we'll gather general estimates of the hourly rates of stakeholders that might be involved at various stages, from request intake to data gathering and other inputs. Enter the hourly rate without a dollar sign.

If you'd like a baseline, the suggested numbers here are based on San Francisco market rates, for a company with 200+ employees.

Part 4

The Results

Here you can see the ROI of this hybrid approach to processing privacy requests, in terms of total costs and hours spent across your teams. You can also see the estimated cost per request. For more details on the assumptions involved in this calculator, and to further customize, download our full guide and Google Sheet template below.

The Cost of Your Current Privacy Request Process

Monthly total costs


Annual total costs


Estimated Cost Per Request


Hours Spent (Monthly)

19 hours

Hours Spent (Annually)

228 hours

Cumulative days spent annually

22.8 days

Note: This calculator simplifies by assuming all tasks are handled by a Privacy Director at the national average salary. It doesn't factor in variations by role, location, or industry. For a more detailed calculation specific to your situation, download our comprehensive Google Sheet template.

Free download
Download our full PDF guide and calculator template.

We’ll walk you through the fixed and variable costs of your organization’s privacy program, various scenarios to test the scalability of your privacy request workflow, plus the four risk factors affecting non- and semi-automated privacy programs. Plus, gets a fully-editable Google Sheet template, that you can tailor to your unique conditions for more granular cost estimates and business reviews.