Easy consumer-friendly privacy.

Offer your users elegant consumer privacy experiences through efficient back-end automation. Transcend offers the easiest way to discover and map personal data, and most comprehensive way to delete, return, or modify a user's data or preferences across your tech stack.

Transcend for consumer companies

Your users have data rights. Transcend lets you easily honor them.

Fully automated logo

Fully automated

Gain complete control and observability by hooking up all your systems to fulfill privacy requests. Automated scanning uncovers data silos, classifies personal data and auto-generates ROPA and other compliance reports.

Better consent management logo

Better consent management

Transcend governs all 200+ types of cookies and trackers so you can ensure nothing is tracked on your company's site without user consent—all without sacrificing site performance or UX.

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More secure, less risk

Engineered to be secure by design, with single sign-on and granular access controls on every plan. Plus, our self-hosted security gateway encrypts your data within your firewall, so we can't even access it.

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