Transcend's Data Connections: Spotlight on July 2021 Updates

July 30, 20212 min read

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As companies and the different teams within them bring on new software tools and systems, the personal data each of these holds inevitably becomes further sprawled, and harder to keep track of. And as these companies grow in size and complexity, or expand into new markets, this unchecked sprawl puts increasing strain on manual workflows to ensure ongoing compliance with both current privacy laws like California’s CCPA, and the wave of privacy laws ahead—and the data rights they’re granting to your users.

That’s where Transcend, and our ever-growing library of data connections, can help. Companies like Groupon, Hims and Clubhouse trust our data privacy infrastructure to turn what can be a messy reality into an automated and secure process, no matter where their customers’ personal data is stored—and one that can scale with their growth and complexity.

Our latest batch of data connections includes messaging platforms, advertising attribution and referral platforms, and more.

And as a reminder, you can always see the platforms Transcend integrates with, and what’s on our roadmap, in our catalog.


Intercom is a messaging tool for companies that helps them build better relationships with their customers through live chat, bots, apps, on-demand product tours, and more. You’ve probably seen an Intercom chat widget on a website or two!

Through our connection with Intercom, Transcend can access and erase user profile information, and process contact opt-outs in the Intercom platform.


Braze is a cross-channel customer engagement platform used to power personalized customer experiences in real time.

With our Braze data connection, Transcend can access user profile information, globally erase user data, and opt users out of communications to uphold brand integrity when it comes to privacy preferences.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps change the way companies engage with their customers throughout their lifecycle.

With our Outreach data connection, Transcend can erase a user’s profile information within Outreach. This takes the burden off of sales and marketing teams in their efforts to respect privacy and know with whom they’re allowed to contact.


AppsFlyer is a mobile ad attribution platform that allows advertisers to analyze which of their campaigns are having the greatest impact. Appsflyer helps marketers get complete visibility of their user acquisition activities across every channel.

With our AppsFlyer data connection, Transcend is able automatically erase user data within the AppsFlyer platform.


Extole is one of the leading advocacy platforms that helps companies turn customers into advocates. If you’ve been referred to a platform like Uber, Airbnb, Tesla, or HotelTonight, you know that marketing driven by people is powerful, personal, and inevitable.

With our Extole data connection, Transcend can access contact information, email preferences, rewards, and shares. This integration can also perform global erasure to remove all personal information tied to a user’s email.

Looking to put your privacy request program on autopilot with scalable and secure infrastructure, regardless of where personal data is held? We’ve got you covered—reach out to Transcend’s solutions team.

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