Enhancing Data Rights Through an Integrated Ecosystem

As companies scale their operations and distribute teams, personal data becomes more and more dispersed. Complete data coverage is critical to comprehensive privacy compliance and request fulfillment, as mandated by modern data privacy laws.

That’s why Transcend has expanded its ecosystem to include more than 1,300 pre-built integrations and connections. With the largest catalog of data connections, Transcend enables companies to connect to more personal data systems than any other vendor – from Amplitude to Zendesk to internal databases, for efficient and seamless data orchestration.

All integration code is built and maintained in-house by our dedicated team. Out of the box integrations means quicker onboarding and getting companies to a more efficient, automated privacy requests workflow sooner. Transcend’s engineering team also manages any integration maintenance in real time, from updating API endpoints to changing permissions. No interruption to your privacy requests workflow. No custom code required.

Our expanded platform includes integrations from CRM to workflow management. Wherever your organization’s personal data lives, Transcend has you covered. View and search for your favorite SaaS vendor in our full Integrations Catalog.

Asana Integration

Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects and tasks. From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

Through the Transcend to Asana integration, Transcend can surgically strike end-user personal data within tasks, comments, open-ended notes, and projects without sacrificing the other data that is present.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that develops CRM solutions and provides business software on a subscription basis.

Transcend’s integration with Salesforce puts privacy on autopilot - that’s because Transcend automates access, erasure, and opt-out for leads and contacts within a company’s Salesforce instance.

Segment Integration

Segment is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that simplifies collecting and using data from the users of a company’s digital properties (websites, apps, etc). With Segment, companies can collect, transform, and send their first party customer data, and enrich this data by connecting other tools.

Using Transcend’s Segment integration, Transcend customers can automate the erasure and contact opt-out process for their end-users on all first-party and enriched personal data within the Segment platform. Companies rely on Segment to store massive amounts of customer data from many different sources. Integrating Transcend into Segment unlocks a more comprehensive and faster method of actioning privacy requests, no matter where their data flows.

About Transcend

Our mission is to make it simple for companies to give their users control of their data by encoding privacy across their tech stack.

Automate data subject request workflows with Privacy Requests, ensure nothing is tracked without user consent with Transcend Consent, or seamlessly generate Records of Processing Activity (ROPA) for GDPR compliance with Data Mapping.

Looking to evaluate your current privacy program and discover any hidden costs? Explore our privacy request cost calculator.

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