Transcend Unveils Major Expansion to Its Privacy Platform 

December 14, 20232 min read

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Transcend’s complete technical privacy platform is the next-generation technology for companies urgently replacing legacy privacy tools.

Transcend, the all-in-one data privacy and governance platform, today announced an expansion of its product suite—going even further to help the world’s best brands manage complex privacy compliance challenges. Powering privacy for Fortune 100 companies, the global 2000s, and high-growth start-ups, Transcend easily solves current and future compliance challenges while dramatically increasing compliance, unlocking significant cost savings, and enabling improved user experiences. 

Transcend is radically different from legacy privacy management platforms, because it encodes privacy directly into the systems that handle personal data, going beyond checkboxes and human processes to embed governance at the data layer. As the first all-in-one modern privacy platform with built-in automated data discovery & classification, full stack consent, DSR handling, data reports, assessments, AI governance, and more, Transcend now offers access to over a dozen products that support business privacy compliance. All Transcend products and integrations are built and maintained in-house by Transcend’s industry-leading engineering organization – with no white-labeled or acquired solutions. Transcend’s platform enables a seamless experience and easy navigation of the rapidly unfolding privacy frontier.   

With this new release, Transcend expands its proven platform three-fold, aligning along five pillars of most urgent need, while reflecting its focus areas of proprietary technology innovation. These pillars are Data Asset Intelligence, Data Discovery & Classification, Autonomous Privacy Operations, Risk Intelligence, and AI Governance. Built on a robust integration network allowing for the precision orchestration of data across technical stacks, the Transcend platform offers industry-leading end-to-end encryption in a proprietary security model that ensures Transcend never sees customer API keys.

“We believe privacy only works when it’s encoded directly into the systems that handle personal data, and we’re on a mission to simplify privacy inside every business” said Transcend co-founder and CEO Ben Brook.

“The world’s best companies choose Transcend because our market-leading technologies don’t just incrementally improve their work, but transform their privacy operations end-to-end with improved compliance, reduced costs, and better user experiences. We’re now the all-in-one platform for switching off legacy manual tools.” 

Transcend’s solutions for simple privacy compliance 

Each of Transcend’s solutions can be deployed individually or in combination, enabling Transcend customers to quickly deploy the privacy compliance solution they need to switch out from legacy tools to next-generation technology: 

  • Data Inventory provides a base truth of all silos, datapoints, vendors, purposes, and other metadata—creating a system of record for all data in the business.
  • Data Lineage offers a real-time view of data flows and the relationship between data silos, enabling proactive data governance and compliance assurance in one seamless solution.
  • Silo Discovery leverages pre-built plugins to scan, discover, and automatically catalog data stores, SaaS tools, and databases.
  • Structured Discovery continuously detects and classifies all objects and properties inside a given database.
  • Unstructured Discovery uncovers and classifies personal data living in non-conventional data models, for comprehensive governance.
  • DSR Automation is your all-in-one solution for deleting and returning any kind of personal data, across every system, at any scale.
  • Consent Management collects consent and automates enforcement across every interface, from websites to mobile apps.
  • Preference Store syncs user consent across any device, with a singular log of all user preference events.
  • Privacy Center is a secure portal that gives end-customers an intuitive, self-serve way to exercise their data rights.
  • Web Auditor scans your website properties for potential compliance violations of tracking technologies.
  • Assessments enables centralized reviews of AI risk assessments, DPIAs, and vendor risk assessments with pre-built templates that tie directly into a customer’s Data Inventory.
  • Pathfinder is an AI governance middleware that gives Transcend customers the control and auditability they need for data going in and out of LLMs.

A truly all-in-one privacy compliance platform

Early privacy tools in the market offered companies low-tech platform approaches to common privacy requirements, including clunky web banners, manual DSR delegation flows, manual surveys and outdated spreadsheets. As the complexity of privacy requirements and data systems evolved, companies began to feel compounding issues of unnecessary repetitive manual tasks, clear compliance gaps, and an out-of-date understanding of where personal data lives. A rise of end-point privacy solutions, or solutions that only handle one aspect of privacy, helped to increase automation in the industry but created inefficient alternatives to the legacy platform. It also left companies without a single unified source of truth to help govern interwoven privacy operations. 

Today, companies are urgently switching from legacy solutions to the next-generation technology of Transcend’s all-in-one platform. It’s a full lifecycle of best-in-class automation that ensures modern and seamless privacy operation at scale – from assessments to automatically discovered data systems to automated DSR workflows to corresponding consent opt-outs. With the Transcend All-In-One platform, the world’s best companies experience: 

  • True automation that enhances their privacy transformation, removing manual tasks for legal teams and data owners, and minimizing resource drain. 
  • Significant cost savings by reducing wasted resources from manual tools or switching between different point solutions and saving dollars on promised functionality that doesn’t quite live up to the hype. 
  • Central intelligence for all privacy operations, giving customers the power to quickly go beyond check-the-box compliance while simplifying privacy through every part of a business.

Explore the expanded Transcend platform here.

About Transcend

Transcend helps the world’s largest companies better govern their data—simplifying compliance, unlocking strategic growth, and improving business resilience. Transcend is the privacy & governance partner of choice for confidential Fortune 100 companies and leading brands such as Robinhood, Brex, Jasper, Eventbrite, Ironclad, and more. Transcend customers go beyond the patchwork and manual offerings of today to realize an easy, efficient, and secure governance program at scale. In addition, Transcend’s platform incorporates standard-setting data protections that security-conscious brands have come to expect, including an on-premise security gateway, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and more. Transcend was named ‘Leader’ in Data Privacy Management on G2 and ‘Major Player’ in the 2023 IDC MarketScape report Worldwide Data Privacy Compliance Software. The company is backed by Accel and Index Ventures. Founded in 2017 by Ben Brook (CEO) and Mike Farrell (CTO), Transcend is headquartered in San Francisco. 

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