Easy privacy that scales

Join media companies like The Athletic that have easily encoded privacy across their tech stacks, ensuring privacy compliance and operational efficiency across different brands, audiences, and regions.



One platform to handle it all.

Transcend is engineered to automate privacy compliance, across any user type, data system, language, or brand.

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Privacy Requests

Your users ask for their data — use a fully automated, easy-to-use operating system for privacy request compliance. From access to deletion requests, and more. Secure by design infrastructure governs user data anywhere it's stored, without human intervention.

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Full-stack Consent

The only solution that governs both client-side and backend user consent. Enjoy fully customizable consent experiences that handle any region, any device, and any domain.

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Data Mapping

Unified data management that includes automated systems scanning, data discovery and advanced classification – all in a collaborative platform where you can delegate tasks, see system owners, and auto-generate reports like GDPR Record of Processing Activities (ROPA).


Less operational headaches, better audience engagement.

No matter how many publications, languages, or visitors and subscribers your company has, Transcend helps you centralize privacy compliance—saving time and processing costs while giving you flexible and fully compliant consent and privacy tools.

Flexible site consent

No matter how or where you collect data, we can govern it. With flexibility to move the banner off your homepage, Transcend empowers you to ask for consent when it makes sense.

Highly configurable

Transcend’s privacy platform can be configured to support any edge case, regional privacy law, protocol, and more—across any SaaS or other data systems.


Decrease costs, increase program efficiency, and comply with regional requirements with a single platform that handles every step—all without human intervention.

Transcend's Privacy Request workflow and Consent manager site scan


Complete coverage for any domain or regulatory region.

An all-inclusive solution for consent management–from client-side data flows to backend data processing, from GPC to LDU, and other Do Not Sell or Share opt out signals. Easily customize user experiences, mobile consent, data classifications, and sync consent preferences cross-device.

A screenshot of regionalized experiences in Transcend Consent
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No matter who, what, or where—you’re covered.

From paid subscribers to guest accounts to regional differences—cut through the complexity with workflows that can handle any configuration you require. Support different data subject types, data actions, SaaS or internal systems, authentication methods, and more. Regardless of your readership’s jurisdiction, comply with today and tomorrow’s privacy laws quickly and efficiently.

Two cards screenshot with Subscriber data and Guest data headlines


Better privacy, without the resource drain.

Your various brands, subdivisions, or countries may rely on different data stores, collect different types of personal data, or even have different user types and logins. Manage it all from one interface, centralize privacy operations, eliminate manual work, and cut privacy processing costs by up to 80% or more.

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Future-proof your privacy program. Get started in minutes.