Easily meet Apple’s deletion requirement

Don't risk removal from the App Store – ensure your iOS App meets Apple's deletion requirement.

See how Opendoor, Robinhood and others have achieved easy compliance with Apple’s requirement using Transcend.



More than just an in-app button, learn the operational impact.

Stay in the App store

Apple is not shy about enforcement. We’ve seen it with App Tracking Transparency in 2021, where they required apps to ask first before tracking. After that mandate passed, we saw around 420,000 apps removed from the App Store.

Handle increased volume

By making it easy for users to delete their accounts and personal data, companies will face increased user deletion requests, in some cases by 10x. Manual deletion workflows will not be sufficient and will quickly drain your resources and operating costs.

Full deletion compliance

Less than 25% of technology leaders surveyed understand the requirement's full scope. Merely providing a way to delete user accounts without full personal data erasure is insufficient—companies also need programmatic deletion workflows to erase all personal data.

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Fast compliance with Transcend.

It’s easy – connect your tech stack in a few clicks, leverage pre-built workflows, and begin processing user deletion requests right away. Transcend’s powerful platform has automated over 16 million data lookups and can process requests in as fast as 4 seconds.

A screen shot of Transcend Privacy Requests
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Simply call our API

Connect your in-app button to Transcend by calling our simple API, then sit back and let us handle your deletion requests end-to-end at any volume, across your entire tech stack.

await transcend.post('/v1/data-subject-request', {
  email: 'ben.farrell@example.com',
  coreIdentifier: userId,
  type: 'ERASURE',

Submit a data deletion request programmatically to Transcend to be processed.

Screenshots of the Clubhouse app and the Robinhood app.


Our technology powers your deletion button

See why technically discerning brands rely on Transcend for account and personal data deletion. Transcend is the data privacy infrastructure underneath the in-app deletion buttons of leading consumer apps.

Screenshots of the Clubhouse app and the Robinhood app.


Hands-free privacy requests.

Meet Apple’s requirements with no resource lift and cut processing costs by up to 80% across the rest of your privacy program. Ditch the manual work and automate PII and personal data deletion—no humans required, unless desired.

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Compliance without the complexity.

Start with Apple’s deletion requirements, then be set on Opt-Out, Opt-In, Access or Modification compliance too. Whatever your industry, privacy regime, or platform requirement—Transcend handles it all. With Transcend's regulation-agnostic platform, you can meet the needs of tomorrow with peace of mind.

An image of 3 user cards, outlining the locations and vendors of each.


We don’t see your API keys.

With our industry-leading self-hosted security gateway, the personal data you hold is encrypted within your firewall. That means we can't access your keys, we can't see your user data, and we can't forge a request to your system.

Transcend's security API

Easily meet Apple’s requirement.

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Access & erasure requests fulfilled to date

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Saved per 100 requests

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"Transcend has helped MasterClass translate Apple’s deletion requirement into technical needs and then implemented our programmatic account and personal data deletion end to end, getting our business in a secure position well ahead of their deadline.”

Legal | MasterClass


"At Robinhood, we empower our customers to take greater ownership of their financial future, and we believe this extends to their personal information. Transcend's data privacy infrastructure helps facilitate the way we give our customers control over their data."

Karthik Rangarajan | Head of Security, Robinhood