Jasper's Journey with Transcend: A Customer Success Story Unveiled

May 31, 20234 min read

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Products Used: Privacy Requests, Data Mapping, and Consent

The challenge

Generative AI is upending the internet at an unfathomable pace. An early leader in this space, Jasper needed to find a privacy partner that supported a seamless user experience while meeting the technical complexity of evolving regulation.

With an impressive 125M in Series A funding at a 1.5 billion dollar valuation and 100,000 customers in tow, Jasper is a clear front-runner in the rush of generative AI platforms coming to market. 

A trusted partner that helps teams break through writer’s block, create fine-tuned imagery, and repackage content for different formats, languages, and tones, Jasper offers customers top-notch user experiences and a deep commitment to consumer data privacy. 

Driven by a rapidly expanding customer base, a complex internal data ecosystem, and a high-profile industry that attracts more regulatory scrutiny by the day—the Jasper team knew the stakes were high for ensuring privacy compliance. 

“Privacy is at the heart of trust and progress in building artificial intelligence technology,” said Shane Orlick, president of Jasper.

“We selected Transcend as our partner because of their relentless commitment to data rights and earning customer trust through privacy.” 

The solution

Leveraging Transcend Privacy Requests, Data Mapping, and Consent—a technical privacy overhaul in less than four months.

With an eye towards fast, effective implementation, the Jasper team knew they needed a platform that provided true automation (minimizing manual work for internal teams), comprehensive API integration coverage, and a hands-off consent experience that ensured robust compliance.

By partnering with Transcend’s engineer-led customer success team throughout implementation, the Jasper team felt confident that Transcend was not only an effective privacy infrastructure platform, but also a true partner—committed to finding effective solutions no matter the challenge.

“One thing that really impressed me was the level of partnership provided by Transcend. We were able to leverage their industry and engineering knowledge to outfit a quick-to-launch solution that was actually more effective than what we’d originally imagined," said Benjamin Rich, a Security Engineer at Jasper.

Transcend’s flexible tooling also helped pave the way for a smooth platform-wide implementation—providing comprehensive compliance coverage, while allowing Jasper’s team to reclaim the significant time spent per week on manually maintaining a comprehensive data map and fulfilling an increasing number of consumer privacy requests. 

“Transcend’s easy-to-customize UI for Privacy Requests allowed us to launch a Privacy Center without involvement from our in-house design teams.

And, with Transcend Consent, we’ve been able to launch a solution that gives us confidence in our compliance without constantly draining hours from internal teams,” Rich continued.

The Impact: Finding crucial data visibility in the AI space

Knowing where your data lives is important for any company, but for a standout startup in the generative AI space—complete data visibility is mission critical. 

AI regulation is more or less nonexistent, so it’s still unclear what the impact will be on AI learning models. But as regulators around the globe start to scrutinize the space more closely, the writing is on the wall. New AI laws are coming. 

With Transcend Data Mapping, Jasper was able to gain much-needed visibility into where personal data lives across the organization—offering unprecedented insights into what, how, and where data is being used within the organization’s large-language learning model.

To ensure user privacy and security, Jasper’s data centers are U.S. based and their security and privacy controls are continually tested by 3rd parties to ensure they follow the highest industry standards, including SOC-II certification. And, as a matter of policy, Jasper does not retain ownership of user outputs and their third-party AI/ML models are not trained on user data. But to ensure this policy remains true to its word—comprehensive data visibility was absolutely key. 

Being able to scan systems where personal information (PI) is stored, in order to identify and classify any PI found within, gave the Jasper team greater confidence in their compliance today, as well as their ability to adjust to the regulatory demands of tomorrow. 

“We are committed to the responsible development and delivery of cutting-edge AI tools, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and data privacy practices.

The partnership with Transcend will give us even more confidence in ensuring that our products seamlessly uphold all global requirements,” said Orlick

About Transcend

Transcend is the platform that helps companies put privacy on autopilot by making it easy to encode privacy across an entire tech stack.

Transcend Data Mapping is the only solution that goes beyond observability to power your privacy program with smart governance suggestions. Get unified data management through automated scanning, data silo discovery and advanced data classification, all in a collaborative platform.

Ensure nothing is tracked without user consent using Transcend Consent, automate data subject request workflows with Privacy Requests, and mitigate risk with smarter privacy Assessments.

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