[Report] Is your company ready for CPRA?

As the Jan 1, 2023 CPRA enforcement date approaches, Transcend surveyed 100 legal and engineering leaders to understand how companies are preparing for California’s most technical privacy requirements yet.

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    Learn how your peers are preparing for CPRA

    Gartner Peer Insights and Transcend surveyed leaders at companies impacted by CPRA, to understand if their privacy programs are ready and what steps they’re taking to ensure Jan 1, 2023 compliance.


    Read the report to find out:

    • Why only 30% of leaders are confident they’ll be fully CPRA compliant on Jan 1
    • If current privacy programs are enough to fulfill the new requirements
    • How engineering and legal leaders are thinking through build vs buy decisions for their privacy tech stack
    • How companies that run targeted advertising campaigns are working to comply with new Do Not Share opt out requirements

    Download the report to get answers.

    An image of Transcend's 2022 CPRA Readiness Report