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Don't just trust us—read why Transcend is consistently rated 5 stars in G2 reviews, and scored highly for ease of use and setup of our unified privacy platform, alongside quality of support.

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Made the GDPR compliance process painless and simple.

I'm a software engineer, and this is the 2nd time I've been involved in implementing the code side of GDPR compliance. It is a complicated maze to navigate and in hindsight the first implementation had some holes. Transcend made it so simple -- really just bind a few webhooks and listeners and we're good to go!

Dennis W on G2

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Smart and reliable privacy request management

Transcend manages erasure and access requests and evaluates our user data in a quick, efficient process that is not too much lift for our engineering team. We're very happy with the interface and intuitive usability of the product.

Sarah W on G2

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Transcend is changing my life as a customer support agent.

I love how Transcend is one of the most user-friendly tools I use on a daily basis. It is super accurate and the reports are very easy to comprehend. It is also extremely easy to stop the process when the user has made a mistake so it has helped our users a lot by not making the process as difficult as other platforms.

Maria M on G2

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See why legal and technical leaders at these companies rely on Transcend for their data privacy needs.

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“Clubhouse is in high growth mode with a nimble engineering team. We needed a strong data privacy partner that could immediately add value and that could keep up with our expansion, with the right stack to meet our needs as we grow. Transcend has helped us get a handle on several important aspects of privacy engineering so we can solve things the right way for our community.”

Taylor Hughes | Trust and Safety Engineer, Clubhouse

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"We needed a solution that would evolve with ever-changing privacy regulations. Transcend's configurable integrations lets us easily support different parameters, unique business conditions, and state by state privacy laws. It allows us to be prepared for new laws before they come into effect, and frees our team up from chasing new privacy request requirements."

Petr Hecko | Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers

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"At Robinhood, we empower our customers to take greater ownership of their financial future, and we believe this extends to their personal information. Transcend's data privacy infrastructure helps facilitate the way we give our customers control over their data."

Karthik Rangarajan | Head of Security, Robinhood

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"During the onboarding process, we asked ourselves a number of questions, including: How streamlined is this solution? Does this fully automate our needs and that of our users? Does this meet and exceed our requirements on security and legal compliance? Is engineering on board with the solution and is it an easy lift for them to integrate? The answer for all of that was a ‘yes’ with Transcend."

Frankie Benjamin |  Privacy Program Manager, Indiegogo

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“We fundamentally shifted our approach to data privacy in April 2019 to be more user-centric, and worked with Transcend to include more transparency on our data practices and offering immediate data access to our millions of users. When we took this approach, we were flooded with hundreds of thank you tickets.”

Priya Sanger | Deputy Legal Counsel, Patreon

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"Transcend has given us a lightweight and flexible consent solution that works well with our Google Tag Manager setup and has a simple & intuitive approval dashboard compared to others on the market. Furthermore, it's been a joy to work with the team at Transcend during the integration process.”

Nils Westhoff | Front-end Developer, Ace & Tate

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