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These columns can talk about saving them resources, future-proofing their privacy program, and doing it all with best in class security

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Site-friendly, blazing fast

Consent management doesn't have to mean a broken or slow site. Transcend Consent works in harmony with your existing setup without any complex configurations.

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Freedom to go bannerless

No matter how or where you collect data, we can govern it. With flexibility to move the banner off your homepage, Transcend Consent empowers you to ask for consent when it makes sense to.

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Beyond cookies

Stop tracking unconsented user data. Consent goes beyond cookies and third-party scripts to cover all 200+ types of trackers so you can be sure you're compliant.

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“Clubhouse is in high growth mode with a nimble engineering team. We needed a strong data privacy partner that could immediately add value and that could keep up with our expansion, with the right stack to meet our needs as we grow. Transcend has helped us get a handle on several important aspects of privacy engineering so we could solve things the right way for our community.”

Taylor Hughes | Trust and Safety Engineer, Clubhouse

Privacy Requests

See how we helped our customers automate privacy requests - from ingestion to fulfillment

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The 5 hidden costs of your company's privacy request approach

There are a number of hidden costs unavoidable when humans are involved in processing privacy requests.

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Privacy Request Cost Calculator

Understand the costs of your organization's privacy request program.

PDF Guide—Building a future-proof privacy request system

Advice on what's involved in architecting a CCPA/GDPR privacy request system.


See how we helped our customers implement better consent on their websites

Free report: The State of Consent

Struggling to balance consumer trust, your business and your user experience through tracking? See how technical leaders manage their website tracking and user consent.

windmills in the desert

Blog: Our engineers mastered dozens of tracking technologies

How? It was substantial effort full of blood, sweat and tears, but it was important we got it right so other engineering teams don't have to go through what we did. Now there’s a solution that everyone can use.

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Avoiding Dark Patterns: Critical Tools for Privacy Legal Counsel

CPO Magazine Op-Ed—How can privacy professionals counsel their organizations away from this common practice?

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