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Help your customers comply.

Get your SaaS tool connected to their Data Privacy Infrastructure, and make it simple for your customers to comply with GDPR/CCPA.

Why partner with Transcend?

Transcend automates fulfillment of GDPR/CCPA data subject requests for businesses by operating on data across their internal systems and SaaS tools. Transcend can connect with your SaaS tool and make it simple for your customers to stay compliant while using your tool.

  • We do all the heavy lifting. By integrating with Transcend, you can reduce your operational burden of manually processing incoming data subject requests.

  • Become a privacy-centric company. Transcend mitigates the risk of liability in the event of a data breach and proves to your customers that you care about the security of their user data.

What we're all about

We set out to give people control over their personal data and help companies offer sensible privacy controls to their users.

The requirements of modern privacy call for serious infrastructure—not ticketing systems and questionnaires. We call this Data Privacy Infrastructure.

We're the backend that orchestrates personal data as well as the frontend for consumers to understand a company's data practices and take control of their data.

What our partners are saying

Partner with Transcend

Data rights for all isn’t a reality unless we all work together. We’re a dedicated team passionate about giving people control over their data, but we can’t do it alone. Let’s build the future of data privacy together.