Privacy Pulse Community: Fostering Discussions on Data Privacy

By Morgan Sullivan

Senior Content Marketing Manager

January 31, 20231 min read

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Announcing the launch of Privacy Pulse

Passionate about their work and committed to the idea of privacy as a valuable force, privacy professionals are a dedicated, hard working group. 

But as new regulations are passed or amended and enforcement precedents are still being set—many privacy professionals are left in a position where resources and context aren’t enough to meet high expectations. 

Enter Privacy Pulse—an invite-only digital community where privacy professionals can learn from their peers, find new insights and resources, and network with like-minded people.

Join this new community to:

  1. Crowdsource solutions to your biggest privacy challenges
  2. Find or share a new role
  3. Celebrate your latest accomplishments
  4. Connect with other privacy professionals

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Community goals

From our very first talks about building this community, we knew it needed to be centered around a few core goals. For anyone looking to join, you can expect to find a space that's:

  • Thriving, lively, and fun (we have a full calendar of programming, but of course we also rely on your engagement - so once you’re in, don’t be shy!)
  • A truly valuable resource—where you can ask questions, share new insights, find resources, and connect with others
  • Safe for members, meaning
    • No promos or sales pitches allowed
    • No discrimination, harassment, and hate speech of any kind

Ultimately, our hope is that Privacy Pulse provides a new channel for knowledge sharing—one that makes it easier to implement privacy initiates within your organization, and helps you connect with privacy professionals across different companies and industries.

Community channels

Here’s a few of the channels this community offers:

  • #general - Crowdsource solutions to a privacy challenge you're facing
  • #jobs - Find or share a new privacy role
  • #news-and-resources - What's happening in privacy, plus helpful tips, tricks, and guides
  • #pets-of-privacy - Because everyone loves cute animal pics!

If you're looking to connect with others in your city, digitally or IRL, there's also three location-based channels—#los-angeles, #sf-bay-area, and #nyc.

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By Morgan Sullivan

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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