Comply with California’s CPRA

California’s Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) expands on the existing CCPA and increases the technical complexities of compliance. With Transcend, easily encode privacy directly into your data systems for seamless compliance ahead of the Jan 1, 2023 deadline.

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What businesses need to know

California’s CPRA amends the CCPA—expanding consumer rights, adding the sensitive personal information data designation, removing the 30 day cure period, and more.

Effective Jan 1, 2023

The CPRA will go into effect January 1, 2023 with full enforcement beginning July 1, 2023. It should be noted though, that CCPA remains in full effect and under enforcement until that date. For more on CCPA requirements, check out our CCPA Compliance Guide.

Expanded consumer rights

The CPRA increases the privacy rights businesses must honor, including targeted advertising opt outs (Do Not Share) and the right to limit sensitive personal information. Companies seeking to comprehensively honor privacy rights under CPRA's scope need a solution that can flex and scale with their business.

CPPA enforcement

The CPRA creates a new agency, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), responsible for creating and enforcing California’s data protection privacy laws. Consistent with the current CPPA, the California Attorney General still retains enforcement powers.

A screenshot of targeted advertising data flows in Transcend Consent

Do not sell or share

Honor browser privacy signals and opt-out requests.

CPRA requires companies to provide their users the ability to opt out of the selling or sharing of their personal data–including data shared with most ad networks for targeted, or cross-context behavioral, advertising.

Transcend is the only platform that manages this end-to-end – from governing both client-side and backend data flows to enforcing end user preferences across ad platforms.

Expanded DSAR rights

Engineered to fit your unique needs.

A screenshot of Transcend Data Mapping

Data governance requirements

See personal data, wherever it lives

From requirements in data minimization to new purpose and data retention limitations, CPRA codifies data governance concepts, all requiring granular metadata about how and why data is used and stored, as well as the ability to modify that data. With CPRA, Data Mapping is no longer a nice to have, it is foundational to comprehensive compliance.

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Compliance without complexity

Engineered to enable efficient operations and seamless compliance.

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Data Mapping

Through powerful, automated scans, Transcend discovers your company’s data silos and organizes data schemas and objects. Enjoy singular visibility, all in a collaborative platform where you can delegate tasks, see system owners, and generate audit logs or compliance reports.

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Privacy Requests

A fully automated, easy-to-use operating system for privacy request compliance. From access to opt out requests, and more. Secure infrastructure governs user data anywhere it's stored, without human intervention.

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CPRA requires businesses to recognize and honor all opt-out requests, including those from privacy signals like GPC. Transcend goes beyond basic compliance and ensures user opt outs are propagated downstream by automatically appending platform-specific flags like Facebook’s LDU and Google’s RDP.

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