Handle Do Not Sell or Share Requests.

Take the stress out of CPRA Do Not Sell or Share requirements and support compliance with state laws in Virginia, Colorado, and Utah. Automatically identify advertising technologies and comply with privacy signals like GPC to honor opt-out requests correctly.

Understanding compliance

What does it take?

Honoring CPRA Do Not Sell or Share requests does not need to be complicated. Simplify with Transcend.

1. Catalog advertising tech

Foundationally, you must understand what technologies you share personal information with and their processing purposes. Keeping an accurate data map allows you to track and enforce these preferences downstream to the adtech vendors.

2. Govern your data flows

Data sharing can happen on the browser side (via trackers on your website) and your backend (sending data to a CDP like Segment). To comply, you must stop processes on both sides that sell or share personal data once a user opts out.

3. Provide a way to opt out

With Transcend you can easily receive user opt outs via a footer link, banner, or dedicated Privacy Center. Plus, automatically honor the Global Privacy Control browser signal as required by CCPA.

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